Rape, Scandal, Repeat.

I wish you had killed me in foetus that day. I didn’t have to face this cruellest day. I was hauled inside four walls and they snatched away my clothes, leading me to sob hard but for you, it was as easy as playing cards.

Before I observe the place, people or shed, someone stuffed my mouth with a shred. My eyes were noticing each face and their deeds but my mind was unaware of their nasty needs. An awkward touch and I could feel a cramp in my intestine. A small bone under my clit made me whine.

I knew something’s wrong but I was helpless. Why they had hunted me when I didn’t even wear sleeveless. My mother taught me not to eat anything given by a stranger but she never informed me that I too could be someone’s supper.

My innocent senses questioned, ‘What they’ll get by damaging me?’ instead of ‘Why would they’ll keep me alive?’. And oh, it was the level two, when they thought of a metal rod as their bone too. Rod in, blood out. I died, game over.

That day was the same as my birth day, I was crying and others were smiling. But that day, I was gonna die with age of just nine. I was just a blossoming flower which you crushed too hard to grow stronger in an hour.

I was taught in school to believe in humanity more than in a particular religion. Without knowing this, you raped and murdered me in a holy region! Shall I blame your teacher for not teaching this to you? Or shall I blame myself for not being born in a caste/religion you belong to?


Get over love.

Don’t you feel that to write about love is wildly overrated? To mention one thing over and over bores the reader. To whine like you’re going to die is a sin. So don’t be a sinner and stop spamming about love.

Writing about him(her) is like watering the cactus. Don’t you feel obnoxiously irritated by reliving the memories which only hurts in return? Rather, be arrogant and make some new fresh memories to remember in future.

Being a reader, we don’t like to re-read the same chapter a lot of times. Write your story carefully ’cause you can’t edit your story. You can only live it while writing it. Atleast, keep writing next chapters. Don’t get stucked on the last one because it might be a very good one, but you never know when the best chapter would be written.

A book with a unique unexpected story becomes the best seller. Do what you want, what you love. You’ll become the bestseller when you’ll make a come back from the core. Be versatile. Talk with the calm ocean and surf the storm at the same time. You think it’s impossible? No, it’s not. Try.

Basically, the thing more important than love is care and the most important than all is someone who cares for you. It feels good, right? Whether that person is a family member, friend or a spouse. But, what about those who don’t have somebody like this!

Look at that child who’s not having a canopy to stay under, who doesn’t get food to fill his stomach, who’s roaming alone in the wide streets full of grey(merciless) faces. He doesn’t know what love is, what care is, what SYMPATHY is. He just know how to inhale the strength and exhale the hunger.

Though When no one cares for you, you care for yourself! When you are alone, you’re stronger. You fight this battle alone. Being the pawn in the last row, you become the knight yourself! Checkmate the lemons life throws at you. Be a conquerer. Life is yours, chance is yours, time is yours and choices are yours too. These defines you.




He told me about her as if her eyes are pearls, the flowers- her smiles, her tears- the rain. As if the storms are her agony.

As if the universe is in her control.

He never told me her name,

but listening to her metaphors

gave me melancholic chills.

She seems to be fed up of sanity.

She seems to be insanely happy.

Happier to be his current.

Happiest to be his forever.

The way he described her seems like she is simple yet satisfying.

Decent yet wild. Enigmatic yet an open book. She is the flow of river which made his ship drown. He drown in her love river. Everytime, I hear something about her, I deeply wish to stop him from saying a word ahead. But oh, how alone he seemed, I could see it in his eyes, words and body gestures! How badly I wanted to hug him, kiss his inner bruises, catch up his heart and never let him feel lone. Where’s she been when he wanted her in tough times? This question kept hitting my mind. I wanted to ask him but.. I was too afraid to. With what right I would have asked? Maybe I didn’t mean more than just a friend to him. Maybe, he never thought of me as something what I wished for. And these ‘maybe’s shut me up everytime I open my mouth to speak.




Let’s run away to somewhere far,

far away from chaos, bustle and cries. No more tears, just some high wine glasses to cheers.

Let’s travel without tickets, jump from the running bus, dive in the rivers, let’s fly with our arms wide open.

Let’s not sigh for having only one life, but let’s celebrate this precious time. Feel it. Seize it. Live it to the fullest.

You never know when it’ll rain, so don’t keep an umbrella with you at all. What’s the fun without a little lovely raindrops?

To all the unknown places, all the strange buildings I travel to, I only want one known face to see, one hand to hold, one heart to love.

Buy new outfits, feel new vibes, and when they don’t work, don’t ever use your mind. Let it stay empty and your life full- of joys.

Let’s run on the beach, the waves following our footprints. Let’s dance with the wind, make it go through our deepest regrets.

Oh, and at last, let’s return to our home, live with satisfaction and ecstasy. Let’s die happily in our bedroom, unless we go on our “sweet 70” trip! Let’s live the last life.




I want to re-live

My childhood days,

On that old oak tree

Without blues & greys.

Provide me

Some pages

And a pen,

Maybe I would

Write or I’ll just

Lie down in lane?

The lane where

I used to play

With my loving

toys and clay.

Now seems just

A mere land,

With no kids &

No playing hand.

I would love

To dance there,

Worry not, I’ll

Pay my fair fare.

But what about

My old friends,

Will they come to

Connect the ends?



My Kind of Adventures

I am a girl who don’t get to travel various places often. Though I travel inside books. I love reading.

Anyway, this blog post is about adventures I do. I am a libra! So basically, a libra person would poke his nose in various activities. I always think about the things that are yet to be done by me viz. Sketch, dance, code, et cetera. So, my point is, everyday, when you do something new! It’s a kind of adventure. You get to learn something new. Practice it and soon you’ll master it if you’d keep practicing it. Adventures does not always mean climbing mountains or crossing rivers or such. Rather it’s embracing new things or places in your life. See, we don’t consider going to work place as adventure, right? 😛

If you’re regretting your life to be less adventurous, try new things in your life. Regrets are meant to be vanished asap. Life’s too short to hold on to regrets and to start living and enjoying as much as you can. XO.