Rape, Scandal, Repeat.


I wish you had killed me in foetus that day. I didn’t have to face this cruellest day. I was hauled inside four walls and they snatched away my clothes, leading me to sob hard but for you, it was as easy as playing cards.

Before I observe the place, people or shed, someone stuffed my mouth with a shred. My eyes were noticing each face and their deeds but my mind was unaware of their nasty needs. An awkward touch and I could feel a cramp in my intestine. A small bone under my clit made me whine.

I knew something’s wrong but I was helpless. Why they had hunted me when I didn’t even wear sleeveless. My mother taught me not to eat anything given by a stranger but she never informed me that I too could be someone’s supper.

My innocent senses questioned, ‘What they’ll get by damaging me?’ instead of ‘Why would they’ll keep me alive?’. And oh, it was the level two, when they thought of a metal rod as their bone too. Rod in, blood out. I died, game over.

That day was the same as my birth day, I was crying and others were smiling. But that day, I was gonna die with age of just nine. I was just a blossoming flower which you crushed too hard to grow stronger in an hour.

I was taught in school to believe in humanity more than in a particular religion. Without knowing this, you raped and murdered me in a holy region! Shall I blame your teacher for not teaching this to you? Or shall I blame myself for not being born in a caste/religion you belong to?


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