I’m having my last exam tomorrow. Then, I’m going on a small solo trip. Here at 3.10 am, I’m still trying to absorb some words from textbook. Oh, by the way, meet me! I’m Saki. It’s indeed Saini. But my friends call me Saki because of my witty and mischievous written stories.

My brother, Gautam reached me out on facetime at 3.12 am. He’s just as my age. But, he lives in Texas and I’m here in India. We’re bestfriends more than cousins. Facetime is our regular visiting habitat. I recieved it and started blurting,

“Broo! Sorry I couldn’t talk to you earlier. Exams occupied me. I heard from mom that you’re going to Bolivia. Take care.”

“Baby elly, it’s fine. We’ll meet soon when I’ll come India. I just called to tell you that I have broken up with Shailja.”

Shailja and Gautam lives in relationship and they will probably marry till next year. For me, shailja is like a close friend and an elder sister who cherishes and helps me through my crests and troughs. Back to the facetime-

“This is 12th time you’re breaking up with her.”

“But this was the final and last.”

“You say this everytime.”

“Okay. This time I’m serious.”

I could feel enough heat in his voice to trust his words. So I asked him to go on with the report. He told me how they broke up and he was about to cry so I stopped him. I told him to forget this and divert his mind.

It was 4 am and I’ve not studied anything yet. I wish Rujju get his exam seat in front of mine. He’s the topper. XD I have to leave for exam at 7 am. So, what’s the point of sleeping anyway. I wish I could learn everything from textbook through osmosis.

“Saki! Wake up! It’s 7! Wake up lazy ass! We’re having last exam today. C’mon!” My bestfriends were already at my place to pick me. I woke up and got ready asap. Thankfully, we reached the hall just on the edge of last minute.

We completed the exam and I came home to get started with bagpacking. As soon as I opened the door, Shailja and Gautam were sitting on the couch and eating burritos. They came and hid me inside the group hug. I aksed Gautam “you had your flight to Bolivia. Didn’t you?” And to Shailja, “didn’t yoy guys break up yesterday?” She didn’t say anything and showed me a clip addressing Shailja introducing her channel name and Gautam being the victim of her stupid prank last night.

“C’mon guys, how can you do this to me! I didn’t sleep because of this you know.” I said.

“Liar, you were studying for today’s exam.”, Gautam said.

“Sorry sweetheart, but my subscribers demanded it. There were a lot of relevant comments so I had to.”

“Ya that’s fine. You both owe me a treat.”

“Here’s your treat. Movie ticket for three of us.” Both said.

So, my bagpacking has been postponed as we were going to watch movie. As soon as we reached at cinema house, I looked at the ticket for theatre no. & I found that the date of movie screening was of two days ago.

Shailja and Gautam were again laughing standing beside me. Now, they were really messing up. I was about to leave from there but shailja pulled me and then took me to the nearby restaurant to have supper.

All time long in the restaurant, I sat aware of her pranks which thankfully were absent atleast while eating. When we left from there, they went home and I came to the exam hall and back to the reality.

So, I gave myself a prompt in exam hall to write something on pranks as I had completed my paper early. So in last 30 mins in exam hall, I wrote this story.


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