My Kind of Adventures

I am a girl who don’t get to travel various places often. Though I travel inside books. I love reading.

Anyway, this blog post is about adventures I do. I am a libra! So basically, a libra person would poke his nose in various activities. I always think about the things that are yet to be done by me viz. Sketch, dance, code, et cetera. So, my point is, everyday, when you do something new! It’s a kind of adventure. You get to learn something new. Practice it and soon you’ll master it if you’d keep practicing it. Adventures does not always mean climbing mountains or crossing rivers or such. Rather it’s embracing new things or places in your life. See, we don’t consider going to work place as adventure, right? 😛

If you’re regretting your life to be less adventurous, try new things in your life. Regrets are meant to be vanished asap. Life’s too short to hold on to regrets and to start living and enjoying as much as you can. XO.